Tonight I tried something completely different, a flying trapeze.

A group of us went to Circus , they try to teach you to jump, swing your legs up then jump across to the ‘catcher’. It is amaizing how hard and scary it is! It’s only about 8 meters up, but you really aren’t attached by much, until you jump nothing, and it was really windy.
Even getting ready to jump is hard, you’re leaning forward doling a really heavy bar, only being held up by someone holding your waste belt! I found leaning forward to do the jump really scary (probably since I have little core balance after stuffing my ACL joint in my shoulder, once off though there was no fear 🙂 None of us managed to actually make the jump and catch the other guy, I guess that will take practice….
For the next three days though my abs most definitely reminded me that they have been being ignored; every time I put my arms up they screamed!
It is HEAPS of fun though, can’t wait to do it again!

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