Wiseman’s Ferry is a great area for cycling, both on the road and mountain biking.

On the weekend we went for a ride North from the ferry through the The Old Great North Road which branches off just West of the wharf. This is an amazing road first built by hand by convicts; cheap labour! Many walkers and other cyclists were out on the road as well, unfortunately there was some dirt bikes that seemed to wait for us to catch up, go past, then go past us again and again. Otherwise a perfect place to ride…

The first third of the ride is fun, not too technical but enough you get to play and get a scratch or two if you aren’t careful. Then it opens to a narrow dirt path lined by willowy trees, what cycling is made for. Finally back down the fire trails for the ride home by Mill Creek. Overall it is about 30km, with about 500 meters of climbing; perfect for an easy day.

Of course, finishing off at the Wiseman’s Ferry pub for some refreshments before the drive home.

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