Today we took an old single track train up into the hills behind Kyoto to Arishiyam.

Cool train to Arishiyama
The old narrow guage railway is a nice way up to the mountains Flickr

This area is often used as a set for movies and it’s very easy to tell why, the trees are beautiful here. The colours in autumn would be amazing.

I love Arishiyama

The locals kept telling us not to bother with the monkey park, it is hard to imagine why, perhaps because it has not been built up as a ‘theme park’, whatever reason, we loved it! Anyone who goes to Arishiyama make sure you go, it is almost worth it for the view alone, let alone the cool monkeys. These are Japanese monkeys that love sitting in hot springs, when it gets cool. There is a scene in Baraka with a group sitting in the steam, I love monkeys anywhere but these were really playful and active.

Cute monkeys

For some reason a group of about 10 decided to start grunting and screaming at Roo, maybe this really was their toy! They didn’t care when Masako or I used it, guess we’re much bigger than them 🙂

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