After a surprise invite during the week I went along to the filming of Sidewalk on Thursday night…

I have been to the filming of a few different ‘live’ comedy , variety shows over the years. Sometimes they are great, sometimes the retaking again and again of the same scene really gets on your nerves.

Their was more than a few technical hitches; two acts not turning up , cameras not working, sound off sync, performers missing timing, the juggler who’s special arm mounted midi controller that was supposed to trigger a sampler when the balls hit – but it didn’t ….

It was still a really fun night! Paul McDermont’s timing and ad-libing flowed perfectly. He still managed to fill the show with more than enough material. I would love to go again sometimes to see if the jokes are the same or if he just keeps coming up with them out of nowhere!

The ABC keeps managing to drag up the same performers accross years, they are good but their must be new ones out there. I have long since lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Tripod or Flacko doing their thing.

I am not sure how much of it will make it into the 7.30 timeslot, the live performance is probably a lot better….

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