Back to how it must have felt a couple of centuries ago, Kyoto…

Probably everyone knows this, but if not, Kyoto was the capitol before Tokyo, and there are many signs of it’s age mixed with the modern buildings around the city. While some of it is obviously touristy it gives a good feel. It is only here you will see Geishas walking around the streets, and there are many, many , many temples, gardens and food stalls nice.

Kinkakuji (金閣寺)
The Golden Pavilion. Rokuon-Ji Temple Flickr

Rokuon-Ji is probably one of the best known images of Japan, but it is stunning!

Famous sand garden
Another view of the garden

The Zen Garden at Ryoanji Temple is surprisingly really interesting, it’s easy to sit here for a quite a while and imagine different meanings.

Gion is the old part of town.

Old Japan is still there in places
Old Japan is still there, in places. Flickr
A witch!
A witch! Flickr

I have no idea what these masks are about but they look cool !

Witches Watching
And another one
Kiyomizu-dera Temple (清水寺)
Main building of Kiyomizu Temple Flickr

Kiyomizu Temple is beautiful in the trees. It’s easy to see why lots of movies have been made here.

Like most of the country we had great food while here. One night we went to an Okonomiyaki place, a type of omelette that you cook yourself. I think I want a small grill for a table, there is so many great dishes you can cook that way. Another night Masako found this baron the edges of Gion, it had great music, good food, some nice drinks, not too expensive, lots of people, locals only (nothing in English), a cosy place. I absolutely love these sorts of places, they are all through Melbourne but for some unknown reason just don’t exist in Sydney! She said they are everywhere in Tokyo too, we miss out.

On the last night we stayed in a tradition Fukon. We had a fantastic to have a view of the mountains, temples all through the trees and service that massively overshadows anything I have ever experience.

So many dishes...
The dinner in the Ryokon, yum! Flickr

Kyoto is beautiful, fun, touristy but not overly, and it has avoided the ‘theme park’ look common in Japan. I am very glad I went there.

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