If you want to see teenage trendy, it is hard to think of anywhere that can match a walk through Shibuya.

Can’t go to Tokyo without visiting Shibuya!

Shibuya may not be the fashion capital of the world, but it is definitely the trendy one! The streets of shops are endless, all full of teenagers, up to about 40 years old, dressed to stand out. The place has a vibe and energy like nowhere else I’ve been. Along with the fashion is endless music stores, instruments, sheet music and CDs; Japan’s live music scene seems much more alive than Australia’s has become – wish I had some time to check out a jazz club or two; maybe later…

After dealing with the crowds and browsing I need a bit of a recharge, I found a small cafe that I’d found last time I was in Tokyo, Cafe Biere. It feels just as good as I remember; sort of French Asian colonial, full of beautiful people and with deserts to die for!

Tokyo is so full of these places, we have so few in Australia; I guess that is what 20 million people in a city does for you (apart from the claustrophobia of course…).

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