Day 3 – Another Day In The Streets Of Edo


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I have just made a note to myself, don’t come to Tokyo in July!

9.00 am I glanced at the thermometer, already 35 degrees, I can’t wait for the cool of the Alps in a couple of days…

Still, regardless of the heat, I’m heading out into the city and into the long days of walking that is being a tourist… I’ve never been someone who runs between a million tourist sites, I would much rather go to one or two and spend time sitting around watching how things work…


delicious sashimi, cheap and fresh – being so close to the fish market has it’s benefits! 950 ¥ for the plate, including another plate of vegetables and iced tea,

What visit to Japan is complete with Sashimi!

Ginza is very quiet, I wonder if its the economy, the earthquake or just the heat – it is whatever the reason it is nothing like the crowds of Shinjuku yesterday – although even they were far less than Sydney in a work day!

I visited a local supposing tourist site the “Tea House Gardens” – empty, should stick to people watching here…

As modern as Tokyo gets it’s not hard to still find Asia!

Akihabara, still not massive crowds – but a lot of people, it’s not area to be a tourist (although all the cafe maid girls are different!) but I would love to have it available when making things at home.

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