Day 5 – Over The West, Here Come The Alps!

Matsumoto, Tokyo

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Crow Castle
Matsumoto Castle is one of the best preserved in Japan.

After a quick look at the view from the Metropolitan government building, it was off to Shinjuku station and the train.

My favourite type of traveling, sitting on a train going through geen forests, eating food from the trolleys and going to mountains!

Looking over my map to work out my walk, would be easier if my leg had recovered, all of these fantastic 3000 meter or so peeks surrounding Kamikochi, where I am going…

AT first though, an overnight stop in Matsumoto.

Why is it that mountain towns always feel so nice? Matsomoto is definitely on the best I have been to, small enough to still be a mountain town but big enough to have culture. And the food is fantastic! I would love to come here in spring for cross country skiing, it seems to be a big past time here – along with mountaineering of course.

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