Fraser Island is a stunning sand island just off Hervey Bay in Queensland, about 4 hours North of Brisbane.

It is the world largest sand island and has no bitumen roads, which makes driving interesting 🙂 The island has huge amounts of fresh water, it tends to form in large warm lakes which are just fantastic to swim in. Lake Mackenzie is the most famous of these.

I rarely take HDR photos but in the case I needed it to try to capture the colours, the green really was that intense.

This one is Lake Wabi, also famous for a huge sand blow you can slide down!

The large amounts of water also means the island is covered in stunning rainforest. The island is fantastic for hiking; fresh water and nice sandy camp sites.

Fraser is home for a large number of wild Dingoes (Australia native dogs). They were around the beaches everywhere. We went to a National Park discovery centre, apparently they have been genetically separated from the mainland for a long time and they are very healthy. Unfortunately visitors have been feeding them, making them less afraid of people. It is only a matter of time until someone is bitten and then they’ll probably be moved away from their natural home.

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