A last minute decision last night and it was off for a paddle first thing this morning with a local meet up group to Garden Island, near Macleay Island just off Cleveland.

As I packed the car the humidity went up, the barometer went down and the weather beaureu predictions got worse – some of this trip was in the open ocean, not fun in a thunderstorm.

I took my luck and left early for Redland Bay.
The prediction could not have been more wrong, the water was crystal clear, flat and no wind. Hardly any effort and we were cruising at about 7km/hr, perfect conditions – about a 5cm ‘swell’ .
Quite a bit of wildlife was around this trip, probably because it was in and out of mangroves…. 2 huge eagles which flew away when I got too close for a photo, a turtle, hundreds of little jumping baitfish and many other birds.
Once the trip was finished there was a very nice cafe built in an old shed in a boat yards right on the water. There’s loads of potential for the location and the coffee was good. With a massive mariner planned for the location it will be interesting to see if they maintain it’s feel or it becomes too developed – the plans seem reasonable.
The trip was fairly short, about 9km, and took about 4 hours. It was very pleasant and the people were friendly people. I’m glad I didn’t believe the weather forecast!

Access via the ramp at 309 Esplanade in Redlands Bay, Cleveland.
This was a really nice paddle from Redland Bay – it’s only about 10km so it’s a perfect for a half day. A few kilometres is in unprotected water so check the weather.

The Paddle

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