This is the longest run I have done yet, it felt OK – at least until around 30.5 km when the pain seriously begun. 3:08 is not so bad. The beginning was cold and foggy but that is OK when running.

IMG 3519

The nutrition worked even if a bit painful, I got up at 3:30 and a light breakfast – yoghurt and a bagel, or at least half a bagel, a full one is too much at 3:30AM! The race started at 5:30 so there was time to snooze for another hour or so then have a coffee and banana, it seemed to work for me. I had been carbo loading a bit during the week and it seemed to help, the night before though I had Thai and it probably wasn’t the best choice. Either way, I was around 25km into the run before the blood sugar ran out and I had to use Gels for fuel.


If I want to do a full marathon I’m going to have to work out how to get past the 30km wall, on the plus side a Half should be breeze now!


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