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Only 5 days until my first Marathon, the Noosa Runaway Marathon.

I have done lots of training, enough that everything hurts and I can’t imagine running the distance as I feel now 🙂

Now it is just the balance of keeping my fitness up while letting my legs mostly rest – a few short 5km runs will be about it.

When I did the Toowoomba 3/4 Marathon I ate a light breakfast at about 3:30 AM, yoghurt and half a bagel (all I could stomach !) . It seemed to work so I will try that again, along with a banana, coffee and gatorade closer to the start time.

Not sure I will do another one, so much time goes into the training!

For this run I have been following a training plan from Runners World as I had no real idea how to prepare for this longer run; it seems pretty effective – 4 runs a week building up to 33km with short runs building up to 13km. I think I should have done more speed work, I just relied on tennis for that. It certainly works for weight loss though – I’ve lost 3 kg in the last 2 months!

Soon I will get find out whether I become an addict or just stick to the bike and go back to Half’s (which take almost no training).

At least in a few days I get to finally tick off something that has been a New Years Resolution for far too long.

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