We were looking around for a ride out of Brisbane which wasn’t too hard, we had done some legs of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail before and it was fun.This leg of the BVRT is the newest section and the best maintained, the surface is really smooth and luxurious, unlike some of the other sections. I would almost do it on my road bike!

Like most of the sections it is very pretty rural scenery, particularly at this time of year (April) when there is lots of colour in the fields. This section also contains the only rail tunnel on a rail-trail in Australia (so they say). It is heritage listed and fun to ride through, although graffiti ruins the experience a bit. There are also a few original rail bridges you can ride over. It is a pity more of the bridges can’t be ridden, but what is there is good.

It was interesting, I had covered some of the same roads a few weekends on the 200km Audax ride, but I hadn’t noticed the same details – I must have just been grinding through the kms!

The trail is a pretty easy and relaxing half day ride, with lots of nice food and coffee at either end.

We took advantage of a really handy service for this ride, Out There Cycling, will pick you up and drop you off at points further along the BVRT, so much simpler than trying to get back to the start to your car.


The Map

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