After four years I had finally finished the project I have been working on, a year or so late, 2021 is not a good time to be working on Infectious Disease Tracking! With time on my hands I packed up my gravel bike and bags. I have been dying to get out for a decent trip on this bike and have been wanting to ride down into Northern NSW through to Byron Bay for quite a while; Covid border closures and work had kept getting in the way. The state border was now sort of open (with passes needed both ways) so I headed off on the train to the Gold Coast to go bikepacking.

For this trip I decided to try something else to not have time to complete along with photographs and writing 🙂 Inspired by my friend Shawn’s recordings, A New Decade Cycling, and by the many podcasts I listen too; I decided to join the party. After lots of experimenting, I had everything I needed. I have put the technical podcast things into another post here.

The last stop South, Varsity Lakes, is still pretty suburban but it doesn’t take long to reach the beautiful rainforest of Currumbin Creek. My chosen route followed the creek up the hill then turned left to go into New South Wales. I was doing this ride in late June and the weather was absolutely perfect for cycling, not hot, not cold, and NO WIND! South of the creek it started getting really green, pretty and very hilly.

Burleigh Heads to Billnudgel

The next day

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