While Brisbane is on the coast it misses out on the sorts of famous beaches that most Australian cities are famous for. The original Europeans who settled it strangely decided it was more important to have fresh water and avoid cyclones, as a result, it was built on Moreton Bay. Instead of beaches, there are lots of mangroves and small islands dotted offshore. As a nice bonus, these are home to sea turtles, Dugongs, dolphins and many sea creatures. One island particularly close to my place is King Island just off Wellington Point. This is a particular favourite as it is joined to the mainland at low tide so you can walk dogs out to it, it has beaches, and lots of marine creatures to look at. A few hours spare meant joining the crowds for a bit of dog exercise.

An enjoyable stroll with a very appreciative dog.

Wellington Point Dog Walk

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  1. Bill Canfield

    As kids we walked out to King Island and swam there many times too, it was picnic each Sunday after Sunday School in the morning.

  2. colin

    It’s a really nice walk and surprising how many people don’t know about it. Great for a paddle too

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