Finally, the weather has cooled down a bit, so it was time for some riding – very long riding. I rarely write about Audax rides, the last post was the Deliverance Ride back in 2000! It is probably because I rarely take many photos while riding them, I’m too busy peddling! This ride was particularly nice so I think it is time to write something.

For those who don’t know them, Audax is an international organisation originally from France, traditionally it is either 100,200,300,400 or 600km Randonnée rides needing to be completed within a time based on 15 km/hr average speed (or 11.5km/hr for 600 or more) with a maximum allowed of 30km/hr; these aren’t like races, you are unsupported. If you are really keen there is also Paris – Brest – Paris, 1200km. Now, there are also a series of gravel distances, shorter distances and different speeds. All of them are sitting in the saddle for a long time, a good excuse to eat a lot and, when you’re speed happens to be the same as someone else, great conversations.

Today’s weather was fantastic, Brisbane is semi-tropical, which means we normally have hottish, wet summers and dry winters. We have been in a La Niña state for the last 3 years keeping temperatures beautifully low, but it has sadly ended. Three weeks ago this ride would have been 40C (104F), not so perfect, today was 25C, couldn’t ask for better. Today’s group was quite small, only 8 people spread between 100, 200, 300 and 400 km distances, there is a 1200km next weekend so people are saving their legs. I think the others are missing out!

We left Brisbane and headed West through the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley. While Brisbane is relatively flat just west gets very hilly, very quickly. Part of this Great Dividing Range is a section called the Main Range, which is part of an ancient volcano, the horizon is an elevated ridge line of connected mountains. Of course, we don’t really have mountains in Australia, these are between one and two thousand meters – but we call them mountains! Even if low they make for gorgeous scenery as we rode through the valley below, Lockyer Valley.

Beautiful Lockyer Valley, Surrounded by the Scenic Rim

This range is also a great 4 or 5-day hike, the Scenic Rim Trail, you start at one end or the other and walk over everything you can see until you reach the other end. This hike from a couple of years ago is one end, Lizard Point.

The first 50km or so was easy riding, mostly with other people, then in a section by myself, I dropped the chain and it got badly caught up in the front chain ring. So badly that I had to break the chain, I had a quick link, but only one, just had to hope nothing happened for the rest of the trip! Various others rode along while I was there and offered assistance, including one policeman checking I was OK. Good to know. After about 15 minutes of fluffing around the chain was back on and it was to the first control. At 75km my tummy was definitely rumbling and crying out for the Yamato MacDonalds! The only time I eat MacDonalds is on these rides, hard to beat their calorific load!

Back on the road for a pleasant for 30 or 40km chatting with Paul, one of the 300km riders, until the routes split. The rest of the ride was going to be solo. The next control was at Rosewood, but I stopped on the way at a small town, Harrisville, I really like the bakery.

Harrisville Bakery

Just outside Harrisville I started passing fields of Sunflowers, it is a little later now, about a month earlier these would have been stunning. Off to Rosewood, a ham and salad roll, then back on the bike for the last push home.


I had minor surgery about 2 months ago and this has kept me from doing anything more than 50ish km at a time. The last 50km of the ride was hard, normally I have no issues with 200. Turns out, training is useful!

One of my favourite areas to road cycle in SE Queensland.

On Strava

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned
Beautiful cycling weather, overcast and cool. I was feeling strong through the great Scenic Rim scenery, lines of mountains. Unfortunately on a gear change I dropped the chain, nothing unusual except it looped under itself and back though the a gap in the chain ring, impossible to remove without cutting up my frame. Wrong as it felt I had to break my chain, feed it out then on with a quick link. ( future note, carry pliers as well as a chain breaker , much easier!). Hoping desperately I didn’t break the chain again I was back off. Being only a 200 I want expecting and hassles on this ride even though minor surgery a couple of months ago meant almost no cycling . The first 150km was great, last 50km not so much - ends up training is useful! Still a gorgeous ride and great to be back on the bike. Broken clouds, 19°C, Feels like 19°C, Humidity 74%, Wind 3m/s from SSW - by

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