Hi There!

I live in Brisbane, in Australia, near the ocean.

This site is an attempt to pull all the various things I have around the interwebs into one place, hopefully join the threads together and give me somewhere to put some ideas.

Some people try to separate there personal and work online, that’s too hard, in here is everything.

On the personal side you will find a mix of the things I love taking an idea and making it into something real, cooking a great meal and eating it with friends,  walking in the bush somewhere with a great view, skiing down fresh snow, seeing a new movie or reading a book that makes you think, travelling to a new place, taking a photo that captures what I see or feel, getting on my bike and hitting some hills near the ocean, paddling on the harbour or music in whatever form it comes….

On the work side; I skip back and forwards between architecture, analysis and programming – if you are interested, have a look at my professional bio.

Most of my projects are private, or I haven’t got my act together to share them! But some are available from my Github account.

If you’d like to contact me I am colin (dot) colincanfield.me

I hope you enjoy… Colin

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