The Routeburn Track, stunning variety in just a few days

The Routeburn Track is a stunning hike in Fjordland on the South Island of New Zealand. The mix of alpine and rainforest with some great views is superb. I had done this walk a few years ago and consider it one of the best walks I’ve done anywhere in the world; the availability of huts all made for a perfect pick for Masako’s first multi-day hike outside Japan (and its superb hut system).

So it was off to Queenstown with DOCS hut bookings in hand.


Climbing Mount Ngungun

The destination this weekend was a very small mountain in the Glasshouse Mountains, one of the people coming wasn’t keen on walks that are too long. Mount Ngungun is the…

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This old waterwheel was beautiful

Hiking The Magome-Tsumago Trail in in the rain

The Magome-Tsumago trail in the Kiso Valley is an original postal route in the Nagano Provence, the towns have been maintained in a mostly original state. Walking through the path passes through some beautiful forest, some original cobblestones and a bit of bitumen to remind you of modern times.

The day I walked from Magome to Tsumago was a rainy, cold day – it is easy to imagine what it was like to travel the hundreds of kilometres on foot as people once did.



A lesson learnt this trip, don’t come to Japan in June, Tokyo is extremely hot and wet but most of the mountains are still covered in snow and not able to be climbed.

I wanted to go back into the Northern Alps but pretty much every route I investigated I eventually reached someone in the area and they told me  that the route is still closed. It was in one of those research sessions that I came across the Otame-Ginza route from Nagano.

Northern Alps from Enzansō