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Beautiful Beaches at Hastings Point

Mullumbimby back to the Gold Coast

This section was a beautiful ride along small coastal towns in Northern NSW, I could easily have taken a few days just to do this. The variety in this ride…

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Does this town have something we don't ?

Billnudgel to Mullimbimbi

I woke to the beautiful sound of bell birds and rain on the tent, relaxing but not fun to pack up. The combination of condensation and seams in need of…

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Just off the train.

To the beach on my bike!

After four years I had finally finished the project I have been working on, a year or so late, 2021 is not a good time to be working on Infectious…

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The start line

First Trail Run Race

I love hiking in beautiful places and running so I decided to try combining them to see if is the perfect mix? Spoiler - it is!

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It is hard to tell just how white the sand is

Fraser Island, stunning!

Fraser Island is a stunning sand island just off Hervey Bay in Queensland, about 4 hours North of Brisbane. It is the world largest sand island and has no bitumen…

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The island is a small island about 4 km from the coast, a perfect distance for a days kayak trip.

Checking Out Coochiemudlow Island

Coochiemudlow (Coochie) is a small island off Victoria Point just South of Brisbane, Queensland. It’s often called the Jewel of Morton Bay, it’s very close to the mainland and has…

Diving at Cook Island

I spent yesterday diving at Cook Island off Tweed Heads. It was SO NICE! Even after last week snorkelling at Bundaberg the Tweed had very different things to offer -…

Cycling down to Kiama

A few weeks ago I went with Span on a cycling trip from Macquarie to Kiama.

This is a great trip, you catch the train to Macquarie for the start then ride through beautiful rolling hills to the Robertson Hotel for the night. Actually those hills tended to roll far more up than down, but it meant dinner was really appreciated!