Cycling down to Kiama

A few weeks ago I went with Span on a cycling trip from Macquarie to Kiama.

This is a great trip, you catch the train to Macquarie for the start then ride through beautiful rolling hills to the Robertson Hotel for the night. Actually those hills tended to roll far more up than down, but it meant dinner was really appreciated!


Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour’s Working History

On the weekend I joined up with a photographic shoot with the Sydney photography forum group on Cockatoo Island. The island has been used for various ship-building and convict activities since around 1850 and there was lots of equipment in various states of rust and disrepair and interesting building. For some reason, I find aging metal has the most beautiful colours. The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is in the process of restoring it. In the meantime it has just been reopened, things aren’t yet fenced off so it is the perfect time to have a look.


Sydney Half Marathon

Today was the day for the Sydney Half Marathon, even though this was by far my best training I had a lousy race…. 

The weather was absolutely perfect, could not be better, around 16 degrees and clear. The start was more crowded than I remember and I really couldn’t get my rhythm. The same kept happening for most of the next hour, I always have a dead patch between around 55 and 65 minutes, today was no different. I had to have my first gel at only around 40 minutes!



An hour and a half to get 8 km to the airport; here are times when you wonder if it's worth living in this city..... Oh well, at least I…

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Mt Solitary Walk

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