Billnudgel to Mullimbimbi

I woke to the beautiful sound of bell birds and rain on the tent, relaxing but not fun to pack up. The combination of condensation and seams in need of…

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Just off the train.

To the beach on my bike!

After four years I had finally finished the project I have been working on, a year or so late, 2021 is not a good time to be working on Infectious…

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Cruising down the hill to Noosa

This was a great ride - it was a loop, it had gravel, it had beautiful scenery, it had delicious coffee to start, it had delicious coffee mid way, it…

Audax Deliverance

I have been doing a lot more long distance riding lately, often Audax endurance rides. I had planned to do the 200,300,400 and 600km series this year but Covid-19 came along and killed everyone’s plans. Rides more than 150km from home have recently become allowed, so after a quick coffee at 5AM I was off to Fernvale to do the 223km Deliverance

I made it!

Noosa Marathon is done! My time was 4:17:56 It was definitely hard, but I have done hikes that were much harder on my body. I ran out of sugar during…