After hearing some friends podcasts and listening to many I decided to join in. As I had never done a podcast before it took some research, I wasn’t taking a laptop – just my phone and iPad. As usual I just decided to do it about a day before leaving so I didn’t have a lot of room to play. The options were to self host or join one of the big podcast providers. The big providers made it simple with good software but include adds, I really wanted to control any advertising myself. Anchor really seemed to stand out as the best of these.

I already have a hosting site for my blog so it made sense to use it for recordings. Of course, there are quite a few plugins for WordPress to help. After looking at a few and various review sites I picked Seriously Simple Podcasting a decision I am still happy with.

There are MANY options for recording them. I chose Hokusai 2, it seemed to have great options for recording and editing on the phone and it was clear that I owned the content. Once I got used to the interface I was happy with this decision. As a side, I was completely lost at one stage and posted a question in the forum, the developer got back to me in only a couple of hours with the solution and pointing to support videos to help – great support.

For a microphone I chose a R0de Wireless Go: version 1 as it was really portable, USB C charged, wireless and seemed to be on great discounts around; a decision I later regretted. I thought the version 2 just had 2 mikes otherwise the same, no, it is a completely different mike. It is not that the version 1 isn’t a good mike, it is. The version 2 fixes a few little things that are really annoying – the falling off windshield, it works as a USB mike for the computer, has better volume control and has remote mikes for two people to have a conversation. C’est la vie.

Next came publishing and getting known, once I had mastered Apple’s ‘simple’ podcast portal I had my podcast feed listed and all was good. All I had to do now was record something!

My podcast feed is probably easiest to subscribe to via Apple. If you prefer a direct feed is here.

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