On the weekend I joined up with a photographic shoot with the Sydney photography forum group on Cockatoo Island. The island has been used for various ship-building and convict activities since around 1850 and there was lots of equipment in various states of rust and disrepair and interesting building. For some reason, I find aging metal has the most beautiful colours. The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is in the process of restoring it. In the meantime it has just been reopened, things aren’t yet fenced off so it is the perfect time to have a look.

The island is full of old cranes, empty buildings, and electrical fittings… it is easy to imagine the island being a buzz of activity turning out boats.

Empty Buildings

Lots of empty buildings, these would be perfect for a model shoot or a great game of hide and seek!

Once Australia’s Main Ship Building Area

The colours are amazing

Workplace warnings have changed over the years!

The Working Past

There aren’t many signs left of Sydney’s past as a working harbour, being a Unesco World Heritage site it should be protected for long times to come.

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