We do not really have many mountains in Australia, it is a very old country and they have mostly been warn away. While Brisbane is surrounded by ‘mountains’ they are mostly only four or five hundred meters and connected in a long range (the Great Dividing Range). The Glasshouse Mountains are a nice exception, only an hour or so North, individual peaks and they’re pointy! Even though they are all under 500m there is a big variety of skills needed to climb – everything from semi-suicidal overhung climbs to cruise ‘tourist tracks’. This walk was the latter, Mount Ngungun, a small peak with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It is one of my favorite hikes if you only have a couple of hours to spare. Absolutely perfect to test out new boots, with trips to New Zealand and Japan coming up and some hiking on the agenda comfy, grippy boots was important!

As usual, the mountain was full of people, some rock climbing off the cliffs, some obvious ‘instagram girls’ with impeccable outfits, some young, some old; It was good to see so many out enjoying it.

For some reason this mountain always seems to have huge numbers of butterflies, I tried in vain to take photos of them but they refused to sit still. (Acrodipsas cuprea (Copper Ant-blue) if my Googling is correct).

The Walk

This walk has a nice added feature on the way down, a cool little cave to explore.

Interesting Cave

Great weather, great view and the boots were a success!

The Map

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