I had been down Barney View Road a few years ago as part of an Audax ride, I’ve been wanting to go back; now that it’s winter and not just about the same temperature out there as a flame grill M and I went off to Rathdowney for a ride.

This area is surrounded by beautiful mountains, the Scenic Rim. This is the same volcano surrounding Murwillumbah and is some of the best mountain views in SE Qld. The ride is a connection to, and from, the hilly and spectacular Barney View Road. There is some freeway riding but there wasn’t huge amounts of traffic and the road is wide. There is really only place you can stop for lunch, The Shed Cafe in the Olive Grove Estate, it was delicious but has the steepest driveway I’ve ever seen! Not a cyclist-friendly path, but definitely a cyclist-friendly cafe, great food with some very friendly dogs to play with before getting back on the road.

The ride itself is very easy and would be suitable for anyone able to climb 400m or so. The view is worth it.

The start of the ride is Rathdowney, about 1:30 hours from Brisbane. For a refreshing end Just start and stop at the convenient Rathdowney Hotel.


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