One more day and then I fly to Auckland, a day for provisions and then up to the far North to start the next 20 or so days cycling 3000ish km all the way back down. Tour Aotearoa is done by walkers and cyclists all year, but every year there is a brevet, a recommended route lots of options – but you really just need photos at the checkpoints.

My bags are packed, everything wool for NZ weather and to keep the odour (hopefully!) down. Bikepacking bags are the best for the route, about 20% if MTB Biking and known for breaking Ortliebs – I would have loved another few litres of storage!

I will be trying to keep blogging and podcasting as I go, I’ll also have a gopro but I think I will be far too stuffed at the of each day to do any of that.

If anyone is interested you can watch the snails progress down the country, the only way to watch ultra-events, dot watching, in this case on MapProgress.

My bike at the last gear shakedown ride.

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